Wandering Stars

Tommy Orange

As a sequel to There There released in 2018, Tommy Orange intertwines fiction with history. It follows two different timelines: the Sand Creek Massacre of 1864 and the aftermath of a shooting at a powwow in 2018. We start off with a man, Jude, who, due to the massacre, is forced to give up his indigenous culture and practice christianity. The story then follows with this man's son, Charles, whose dad's past follows him. He's being harshly treated by his dad's former jailer. He bonds with a friend of his, Opal, both dreaming of a way out in the future. Meanwhile, Opal is working on keeping her family together after the shooting. By diving into different timelines, Tommy Orange depicts the harsh reality of Indigenous Americans and the ongoing war in America between people, and how the hardships of one generation affects the ones to come.