Sara Wolfsberger

6th of June at 7pm

Sara Wolfsberger a singer and artist from Vienna will be weaving a tapestry of verse and melody. Waters – her debut poetry anthology – captures raw emotions, difficult breakups with friends, lovers and realities that need(ed) to be altered. It describes the journey we take to uncover pieces of ourselves as we are trying to find out who we are, what speaks to our essence, and what purpose even means. Those poems are time capsules of growing pains, unrequited love, understanding systemic inequalities, harassment, clumsy dating, falling in love with self and also that one very special person.Sara Wolfsberger is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Vienna, Austria. She finds inspiration through both analytical thinking and the mysterious, enchanting process of creating something new. Sara’s art practice primarily involves writing, singing, songwriting and painting. When she’s not singing at weddings, performing in Vienna’s subway stations, or freelancing as a project manager, you’ll likely find her in a Viennese café, her nose in a book, eager to learn something new.