Poetry Reading and Experimental Music

Adrián Dozetas & The Charlatans of Wisdom

18th of April at 7pm

Adrián Dozetas is an Argentian writer based in Vienna.He has published four poetry books: Business marginal, Guirnaldas para la Jaula, The Written Portraits Poems and Disparos y cachorros / Shots & Puppies (Spanish and English versions).In 2022, he published the novel La esquina de los boludos & The corner of the jerks in Spanish and English versions; he has collaborated in different forms of performance poetry with different artists, recorded songs in collaboration with musicians and performers, and written and directed plays. For several years, Adrián Dozetas has been performing Written Portraits, based on eye-to-eye observation and portraying people live with his typewriter, together with other artists from other disciplines. With this performance he has traveled around the world, participating in major festivals.